Gamecube adapter not detected on B350 motherboards running Windows 7

Discussion created by blah09 on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by pokester

Title explains it, the official and Mayflash Nintendo Gamecube adapter are not detected when using Dolphin emulator running Windows 7. This was fixed with X470 motherboards, don't know about B450 but if AMD could backport this to Ryzen 1st generation motherboards that would be great, and I know Windows 7 is reaching end of life but it would be great if this could get fixed. Here are some references on the topic:

Adapter not detected on AMD Ryzen running Windows 7. · Issue #150 · pbatard/libwdi · GitHub 

Emulator Issues #10659: Dolphin not detecting my Mayflash GC 4-port adapter - Emulator - Dolphin Issue tracker 

Gamecube adapter not detected on motherboard USB but works through PCIe USB card