Vega 64 windows 10 code 43

Discussion created by newman1313 on May 5, 2019
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Problem: sapphire vega 64 install on windows 10 code 43


System: (old I know) Core 2 quad @3.6 , 4 gb ram, 1kw psu, 250 gb samsung ssd evo 850


I had win 7 installed on this rig and installed the video card without issue. ran for a week. Decided to upgrade to windows 10 and got a code 43 error. Device manager shows the driver but has the caution triangle. lists code 43 in properties.  Ive tried going back to 7 on a fresh install and ran into desktop windows manager issues and radeon setting would never load... Ive tried multiple reinstalls of the current and older radeon drivers. DDU in safe mode/out of safe mode. Ive bought another PSU and tried that. Stripped all other drives out....   The kicker is that I can install my old r9 280 and everything works great again. 


Anything I'm missing before I send this thing back? Im currently piecing parts together for a ryzen 3 build and wanted this card.


Thank you in advance.