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I have been reading , watching all about AMD and Navi, and if the bad news is correct and navi is not going to be the killer that we all wanted ,, then i think your only options is to put all LOW in GPUs Bar higher than ever,  let me try and make more sense!


I play a game and i love playing ULTRA settings, but the other guy i play with plays LOW <-- this needs to change enough with LOW settings we need the hardware guys to SET a NEW STANDARD that all games can now be played at high settings even your 100 dollar cards can do this ,, I think the only way you can win mind share is by SETTING A NEW GAMING STANDARD this will make all low end cards look like trash from the others,  this would also stop the I can see you but you can not see me because i play on low and your on ultra!  When it comes to gaming there is a very big problem with games like PUBG where someone playing low settings can see everything all the time, and the gamer playing on ultra can not see them because there are more trees, bushes, grass to hide!!   This is a hardware problem not a dev problem , if devs know that the 100 dollar card can still run HIGH settings they will not program for low polygon count options, like i said if Navi is not the BIG DOG killer we wanted, then you have to do something like this to win mind share ,, trust me!  I may not have great writing skills but the brain makes up where you lack (human way) gaming for 25+ years I know what we need and what we need is a new bottom end STANDARD!


Also why in the world are you all still putting the CORES so close to each other you need separations the smaller the dies get, you have TO MUCH HEAT to close together, this is why 14nm 12nm could clock so much higher ,, you have a heat problem i know it and when you go to 5nm lol good luck with that i would resign the whole thing putting all cores close to edge around the outside like layers 

core 14nm in from edge leaving room for

memory control


core     core    core   core      core     core    core 

core L2cache core  L2cache core     L2       core

core  memory control core memory control core

core shader core shader core shader       core

core core core core core core core core core core


put separations between each core and you will get your clocks back

having all the cores right next to each other is killing mores law even thought that should be dead because he did not know what he was talking about!


if you look at xray its between 0.01nm and 10nm and i do believe your having more heat problems because of this, does not electrons make light (flir camera )heat, something i would look into!

Most X-rays have a wavelength ranging from 0.01 to 10 nanometers! "wiki"


Run a simple test to see if when electron runs throu 12nm how much heat it makes do the same test at 7nm see if it has more heat,  control test with just wires at 12nm and then 7nm side by side see how much heat you get off those wires something is not right , the smaller we get!  could also do with (GigaHZ AC not DC power) running through the 7nm wires you could be getting vibrations heat also something that small has to move ,, because i know back in the day when i did car stereos and i put to small of a wire going to my big subwoofers pushing to much power through those small wires those wires they would curl up together!  I think because your dealing with such small sizes you could be running into stuff that no one thought about , wait there a sec, i just said something



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