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New Sapphire RX590 Nitro+ crashing my system. Any help would be appreciated.

Question asked by battlehammer on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2019 by bule

Despite really not being very PC savvy person I have recently built my first PC, however it's plagued by constant crashes / black screen freezes which i assume are caused by my GPU. These crashes usually happen while PC is under ( light ) load but i have experienced them couple of times even while my PC was idle or during its shutdown process. When the crash happens connection between my Monitor and PC would break down. Monitor would remain on and would enter a power saving mode while PC would freeze and stop responding to any keyboard input so that i have to restart it via power button. Restarting / plugging the monitor out and back into the GPU or Motherboard during the crash does nothing. Speakers would usually emit a static/buzzing sound and PC fans would usually speed up after the crash. There are never any error messages during or after the crash, except maybe: "Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure" message which pops up when i start the PC post crash. I can ( unfortunately ) replicate the issue / cause the crash to happen if needed. I don't play very demanding games and temperatures for all components generally don't pass 50-60c so i don't think that is the problem. I never tried overclocking or undervolting my GPU or changing settings in the MSI afterburner / Wattman or something like that. 

I am running latest version of windows 10 pro 64 bit, my only storage device is an 256 GB SSD. 
My driver is 19.4.2
My current configuration is:
Intel Core i3 8100 CPU
16 GB of RAM ( 2400 mhz ) 
RX 590 Series Sapphire NITRO+ GPU
700w Bequiet! System Power 9 PSU ( Bronze )

List of things i have already tried: 
 -Bought a new PSU ( upgraded from 520w Seasonic bronze to 700w System Power 9 from Bequiet! ). This made crashes somewhat less common but still common enough to render most of my games unplayable. 

-Tried sending the GPU back to the retailer, they tested it and said its working properly. 
-Tried different plugs and PSU power cables

-Tried running the PC without GPU. Couldn't replicate the crashes.
-Tried running the PC with my old GTX 260 GPU. Couldn't replicate the crashes.
-Countless clean GPU driver reinstalls in the safe mode with DDU. 
-Tried using older AMD drivers, ( 19.2.2, 19.1.2, 19.1.1 ). 
-Found nothing in Event Viewer that could have caused crashing. 
-Virus and malware scans, just in case

-Tried fixing Windows files, just in case. 

If this helps during my research online i ran into multiple posts from people who had a similar problem with similar or same GPUs but nothing conclusive. Possible causes for this seem to be: 
-My somewhat old LG FLATRON w2246 VGA monitor which is connected to my GPU through VGA to DVI converter. I don't know how is it possible for old monitor to cause PC freezes but at least one dude online with similar monitor setup fixed his issue by getting a new monitor. 

-GPU crashing when exiting / entering its low power state. There is a possibility that the voltages at these states are not 100% stable from the factory (they are set too low). 

I just wanted to hear an opinion from someone who might know a thing or two more than me before dropping another 200 eur on a new monitor or screwing something up with clocking and voltages in MSI afterburner / Wattman.  
Thank you for reading my wall of text!