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threadripper 3000 (zen2) road map question

Question asked by pastorpastor on May 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by misterj

HI, I am a recent AMD customer, I bought a threadripper 1950x and a compatible motherboard in december 2018 , because AMD roadmap was planning to release new threadripper 7nm zen2 after ryzen 3000 zen2 this year.


While the  TR 1950x is a good cpu for rendering or encoding ...I feel it really slow for everyday usage (a lot of hanging and latency when used in a heavy loaded environnement ) so for me it was just temporary.... I bought a TR4 Motherboard because I was waiting for the TR 3000 zen2 like the messiah ...


And now ....... I'm seeing in the last roadmap published last week that threadripper 3000 is no more in the 2019 roadmap, so .... What a big disappointement !!! So , sorry to say this, but I feel I've been duped !


Could you reassure me with good news ?