I need help with my rx 580 display please

Discussion created by izzirhien on May 4, 2019
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I recently purchased the radeon rx 580 video card as I was in dire need of an upgrade but when I first used it I couldn't use the most recent driver suite because everything was blocky and weird looking (I have attached a picture taken with a cell to show what the text looks like, I can't use a screen shot because apparently those come out looking clean to other people). I've had some friends tell me it's my monitors, and others tell me it';s the AMD driver itself. I did find a way around the issue in that I used the "rollback driver" option in my device manager and it worked beautifully the weird blocky text was gone and I only had to worry about getting the occasional message from WoW that my driver was out of date. However today my computer had awin10 update and I no longer have the rollback driver option so I'm stuck in blocky hell. I've used the AMD cleaner to remove all prior drivers and suites, I have tried installing the newest driver, the oldest one I could find on the support AMD website and one or two inbetween with no luck whatsoever. 


I'm running windows 10 64,m used the amdcleanuputilityx64 and every driver I've tried today has been downloaded directly from AMD. I've also messed around in scaling sizing in display options, I've tried the "help reduce blur" option in windows 10, even the "clear text" option (though that doesn't help because most of my games are just as blocky like mini lego games).


Any advice would be appreciated, as I went to bed last night with a functioning computer and now I have this