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hola q radeon vii debo comprar

Question asked by mariojackyoutuber11 on May 4, 2019

 hello, because a while away, could you take away a doubt? I see that you know a lot about the subject I am from Argentina I will translate it equal below if you do not understand my question is noce if I buy the Sapphire Radeon 7 or AMD Radeon VII 16GB HBM2 Asrock Phantom Gaming X the first one offers me 1 year warranty and the second 2 years I was browsing the reference Amd reference bone the first but I do not find it in Argentina and also a reason but noce if it is reliable (I had read a comment from youtube saying that the difference of the assembler as Sapphire its components had a duration of 4 years and past 4 years the card iva losing performance or degastandose and the amd of reference was so well ensabladas that it had an average of last 10 years) and that discourages me a little truth that you are an expert could you tell me if it is true or not? I'm waiting for the radeon vii assembled in asus but that noce that date will be entering What wise advice can you give me ???? I created the account here because I'm looking for answers