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Question asked by ghostmm on May 4, 2019



I got an annoying problem. My configuration :
Asrock ab350 itx with latest firmware (5.60), ryzen 1700, sapphire nitro vega 56 replace by gigabyte rx 590...


I use the nitro card for a while with windows 10, without problem. One month ago i saw that my graphic driver is old, from september 2018 or older. So i decided to updated it, and during the installation, when the process is nearly 50% and windows switch to the new driver, my monitor just turn off and say their is no video output (i use hdmi). I try to reboot the computer,same thing, monitor say their is no video output when windows is starting.


I try to install again windows several time, i use the latest windows version, try differant amd graphic driver from December to the most recent, always the same problem. I thought it was a problem with my graphic card, so i try with a gigabyte rx 590, same problem.


Also i am using linux a lot, without any problem, i play some games without any issues.


Their is no problem at all during post, it's when windows is starting that the monitor go black and it says no video input. I can go to uefi without problem, grub and linux work fine.


When i start the computer i have the grub (but it's the same if i use windows boot manager directly). If i choose to boot windows i get the loading circle for one second, then monitor switch off and no video input... I can go to safe mode and remove the driver, but what the point i use windows only for games...

i suspect a problem between the asrock ad350 firmware (i updated to 5.60 recently), windows 10 et amd graphics driver. It is strange i am alone to have this issue.

I also own an asrock x370 itx, i just install it with a 2400g, and the driver install fine on windows without problem. Either this problem is limited to the ab350 or either the use of external amd graphic card.