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RX460 Sound Crackling over HDMI on both Win10 (Adrenalin 19.4.3) and Ubuntu 19.04 (amdgpu driver)

Question asked by shadowrx on May 3, 2019
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I have a rather annoying problem with my system sound over HDMI.

Here is my system specification if needed:


MB: ASUS Prime x299-deluxe

CPU: intel skylake-x 7820x

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw V DDR4 4x8GB @ 2400MHz


H.D.D.: Toshiba p300 1TB

PSU: Cooler master v750


The system is connected to my LG LED TV over HDMI.

I have both Windows 10 (with latest updates) and Ubuntu 19.04 dual-booted.


The problem is that the sound crackles every now and then on both operating systems.

This crackling is most noticeable on the speaker test section of each OS.


I have already tried disabling on-board realtek audio chip with no luck. Tried every solution proposed over internet and nothing seems to work. I have also tested the system with another TV (SONY LCD TV) available in my house.


Finally I have came to a thread that was describing a similar problem and its provided solution fixed this crackling on windows 10.


1- Enabling power efficiency on global setting: this considerably reduced the crackling but not completely.


2- Changing minimum state to state 1 on global wattman setting: This totally fixed the crackling.

    Even modifying state 1 frequency to 214Mhz (state 0 frequency) seems to be OK and doesn't cause crackling.


It seems that the state 0 which can't be modified by users has some stability problems.

Is AMD aware of such a problem with their gpu driver?


Meanwhile I'm not able to fix this problem on Ubuntu as there is no GUI for amdgpu driver.



D. Khazaei