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Memory frequencies supported by Threadrippers of 2nd generation?

Question asked by fullylobsted on May 2, 2019
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I bought Ryzen Threadripper 2950X CPU and ASUS Prime X399-A motherboard.

And now I wonder what memory I need to install for maximum performance. I think the main problem is very poor information on AMD website (or maybe I don't understand this information correctly).

On AMD website you can find line: «System Memory Specification: 2933MHz» on each 2nd Threadripper's page. But in the QVL for the motherboard you cannot find any memory with 2933MHz! Here is many frequencies in the list: 2133, 2400, 2666, 2800, 3000 and even 3200. But where 2933? Does 2933MHz just a recommended memory frequency? Or what is this number mean, if it doesn't? This just blowing my mind. Help!

I found a similar questions on this forum but they all are without any reply.