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Loadlibrary error 87

Question asked by bonapardo on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by leoman

I recently got this error when launching my VPN software on Windows 10.


Was getting strange behaviour that looked like a clean install solved it but then error kept appearing again.


In this case, it was the fact I was using a Windows Remote Desktop connection to launch the VPN application - in RDP, it appears the graphics driver is using components differently than when operating direct on the desktop, which kinda makes sense as it's effectively mirroring the screen to another computer rather than outputting to the primary display.  The confusing behaviour was because I was sometimes connecting directly, sometimes over RDP.


After launching the app direct, I could then continue to use it over RDP.


I hope this helps others - maybe there are some apps that simply can't be used over RDP with certain AMD cards/drivers.


I'm using up to date drivers for a rather old 5870 graphics card.