I love AMD

Discussion created by johanntetreault on May 2, 2019
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Let’s talk about the history of your AMD Experience.

Mine starts with the Atari2600, then vic20, then c64, then XT5150, then 386's, 486's, and then AMD appears, Still got my first AMD Processor, and it works. I got XP running on it. I think its funny, how it shreds with XP. 

Having fun...

Now I got a MSI GAMING PLUS b350 motherboard, a XFX Vega 64, and a AMD Ryzen 1500x. 

I will admit that my ryzen1500x is almost bottle necked, but almost is perfect. It runs under absolute load at 80-83% MAX.

That 16 gigs of untouched, and never overclocked RAM. 


By the way for you out there who over clock your RAM, please stop, its silly I tell ya. Why risk what seems to be the most expensive part of my machine? Have you seen RAM prices? 


Well anyway now I am all disabled and have no income, so lets see how long this set up lasts. 


(I know I will never make money on a YouTube show. So yeah I have no income.) 



Sorry in advance for calling out folks with non AMD Stuff in their systems. But from an Engineering perspective and an over-educated mind I do know my technology. 


Wait til you see what AMD is doing now.

All the competition is about to be cast aside. All the fake news about how these Intel processors shred AMD's. Its all fake news I tell ya.