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Low refresh rate with AMD FirePro D300

Question asked by johne53 on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by johne53

I'm trying to use Windows 10 with a Dell U3219Q monitor. I have 2 x Apple Macs (an old Mac Mini and a new Mac Pro) both of which I dual-boot into Windows. My intention is to migrate over to the new Mac Pro - but the Mac Pro (which uses an AMD FirePro D300) will only let me have a measly 30Hz refresh rate.

The Mac Mini (which uses NVidia graphics) also had this problem initially - but NVidia's Control Panel allows you to customize your display resolution & refresh rate etc (so you can experiment with different settings if the OS doesn't offer them automatically).

Does AMD's Control Center offer anything similar? I haven't been able to find anything.... :-(