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detected monitor resolution is wrong (RADEON R3) ; can I change it ?

Question asked by jfm-domotique on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by goodplay

wrong monitor resolution detected RADEON R3


My problem is with  a HP20-2210nf

Where I had to change the motherboard, probably damaged by a defective power adaptor.

The mother board I bought looks exactly as the original one, ands shows exactly the same references (I attach a snap).

But its processor is AMD A4-6210 with AMD Radeon R3 graphics, BIOS version v80.06

I guess (from the HP spec) that the previous processor was AMD E1-6010 with Radeon R2 graphics, BIOS version 80.05 (the mother board is not operative, I cannot check).

The new processor seems unable to recognize the right resolution of the screen, which is 1600*900 and is NOT 1920-1080

This produces a wrong display (where I cannot read left and bottom parts).


Is there any way I could force the processor to use other native display resolutions ?