RX 580 8gb boost clock power limit and undervolt

Discussion created by kknd2 on May 1, 2019
I recently bought a 2nd hand rx 580 8gb

all the setting changes i've done in MSI afterburner. I reinstalled AMD software, but while installing, i only installed the driver and HDMI audio (there were 2 other boxes i didnt tick, one was amd setting or something, i can't remember what the other was)

this card advertised to have 1340 mhz boost clock.
I cannot get to this frequency. it hovers around 1250 mhz ish. (max temp was around 64c)

I managed to get 1340 mhz by increasing the power limit to 22% (now new max temp was around 70c)

my question is is it normal to have to increase power limit just to reach boost clock frequency? shouldn't the card reach this out of the box without any fiddling?

I later decided to undervolt and its stable with -50 mv.

so now it is using around 1060mv at full load. (max power is around 66c)

my 2nd question is this seems odd to have to increase power limit, and then undervolt the gpu. why is this (the increase power limit) needed?

using the 2019 19.4.3 driver

running r7 1700 @ 3.8mhz

16gb ddr4 ram

750w PSU

the perious amd gpu i used was a HD6850. so i have not seen this "increase power limit" thing.