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My ryzen 7 2700x idle temp is fluctuating

Question asked by lkasl on Apr 28, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by lkasl

Hello, I just built my new PC 3 days ago.. I checked today in Ryzen Master that my cpu idle temp is fluctuating between 44°c to 50°c. I have disabled the core performance boost in bios also. I'm using MSI X470 Gaming Pro motherboard. When I First ran prime95 stress test for like 15 mins yesterday the temp went up to 82°c.After stopping the test it quickly went down to 50°c. I ran prime95 stress test again for 10 hours last night.. Started the test at 12:04am stop at 10:15am. I checked the temp at 3:30am, it was fluctuating between 68°-71°c. the peak temp was 71.25°. Then I went to sleep. After waking up when I checked today at 10 am the cpu temp was 68.75°c and it stays there for the last 15min.. After stopping the test it quickly went down to 48°c.. I'm using a cooler master masterliquid ML240r AIO. using Win10 default balance power plan.. Last night I played battlefield V for about 2 hours and cpu temp was around 61°- 65°c. When I played Elsword for 3 hours yesterday cpu temp was below 50°c for the whole duration. My ambient room temp is 29°c.. So is it normal?

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