Installing RX 570

Discussion created by deusashe on Apr 27, 2019
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Hello! So I just got my first graphic card and tried installing it myself...I have a pretty cheap and weak computer (a Lenovo H50-55 with an A10 processor and R7 integrated graphics), but I did some research beforehand to make sure I got everything I'd need.  Even made sure to watch a video on YouTube of someone with the same card! I successfully installed a new PSU (550 w) and think I installed my new graphic card correctly (it's a PowerColor Radeon RX 570).  Pretty sure I just push it into the slot and call it good (right?)! Anyway, I booted my computer up and the screen said it was going to sleep.  I had my monitor attached to the DVI port on the card.  I plugged the VGA cable into the motherboard and got video so I checked device manager and the display adapter still says AMD Radeon R7...So I unistalled the R7, updated my BIOS and downloaded new drivers.  I uninstalled the Radeon R7 and updated again because it reinstalled itself.  Tried pretty much everything, but the R7 keeps reinstalling.  The driver from AMD for the 570 seems to be for the R7 as well and it just reinstalls it! Am I just out of luck or am I missing something?


I noticed that plugging the cable into the graphic card causes the screen to wake up, but then it just says no signal and goes to sleep again so there seems to be power to the card.