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my 2600x overheating very very quickly with stock cooler

Question asked by alpere on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by coolingcpu

***Thread will update itself until root cause of problem and the solution is found.***


Update 1: Just find out mobo and cpu reporting different temperatures. This may cause my cpu to never throattle in certain temperatures. Cpu is still trying to run at 3950Mhz  at 95C on bios default settings in which everything is set to auto or amd recommended. Cpu rarely reaches 55C when core performance boost(XFR2)  is disabled. 


Update 2: About international warranty, amd claims boxed unit has international warranty however Turkey distrubitors says the otherwise. 


Update 3: changing stock cooler with after market cooler ( Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo ) has solved my overheating issue. System never reached 75C degree under full load with all core working at 4.2 GHZ)




Hello i just joined amd community with ryzen 2600x.

However i have over heating problem with stock cooler.


It reaches 85C under a minute with any stress test. It continues to rises up over 95 few minutes later.


I'm using stock cooler and pretty sure it is tightned and properly installed.


troubleshooting so far: + Changed thermal paster with mx-4 

                                     + I also openned front, upper and left panels


Could my cpu be defective?



Edit: Official amd response was try the unit in different computer to see if it gets this hot. If yes raise a warranty. I'm gonna update this thread when i tried in different computer and share the result for people who might have same issue in the future.