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Problem with the driver of the radeon hd 8210

Question asked by carloixbv on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2019 by wind_waker

Hello, I had a problem with the video controller of my Radeon Hd 8210 version 25.20.15031.1000. The specifications of my laptop are the following: AMD E1 2100 two cores at 1 Ghz 4 GB of Ram (3.45 usable) Radeon hd 8210 obviously WIndows 10 Home 1607 Compilation of OS 14393.2214 MY problem is that when updating the driver, the pc starts to freeze every 4 seconds which is very annoying, and I can not play the few games I played in this, so I wanted to see if someone could give me a solution to this, since I NEEDED TO have this updated driver COMPULSORY. Thanks in advance