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When wattman boots up i get a message from windows that radeon is back to standard settings and half a sec later... my screen goes to a random colour and i get a buzzing sound out my speakers

Question asked by eend on Apr 25, 2019
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Today i worked on my computer and went away for a hour. When i came back an turn the pc on i got this...


I am on my tablet now and i can not give diag files.. but i can give you specs.

(I can start up in safemode but i can not use the internet bcz i have it via wifi)


I7 6700k 


rx580 nitro + se 8gig

16gig ram

1000w psu

M.2 256gig ssd for windows

2x hhd


I think it has to be the rx580 or wattman or a graphic driver.. can someone help? Plz? 


Ow and when i move my mouse when it is on a colour.. it changes the colour with a delay of +/- 2 sec the faster i move the mouse.. the faster the colour change is.... :-/