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Question asked by beastic on Apr 25, 2019
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my Radeon VII have extremly high stock temperatures.

Stock core voltage is 1083mV so it shouldn't be so bad, but still I cannot undervolt without stability issues.

When testing on DMC5 for about 1h (only title screen) peak junction temp reaches 115 C, and avarage is about 108 C. 

In this state my card is unbearable loud and entire system is hot as hell.

I have new build with fresh system, on threadripper 1920x and Asrock Taichi MB.

I have 360 aio on CPU and very strong air flow inside my case ( 2x blow 120mm) so there is no option that could be the reason of too much heat on GPU.

I've read about max junction temp before soft cut off is 118 C -  it means that my VII is pretty close.

I imagine that in hot summer I will reach this temp without a problem.

What Can I do? Can I request replacement  even if the card on stock setting is stable ( if you can call it stable on such temp:o) I know that RVII could be a great card when undervolted and tuned gently, but in my case is the worst scenario and I cant say that I am happy with my purchase.