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Graphic card driver is not installed!

Question asked by shoowtime on Apr 24, 2019

In the evening, tightly played, morning woke up and discovered the streaks on the screen and strong hang in games. Is the dispatcherdevices detected that I have stoitstandartnyj graphics card, when you try to install the drivercomp gasneti nachinaetdelat (System Restore (I tried almost everything, doing rollbackin safe mode and in normal, installed a lot of different versions of the driver, but nothing helps ((Mayby you can help solve this problem
AMD Graphics Card: Asus RADEON R7 370
Operating System: Windows 10/7 64 bit
Motherboard: ASROCK 960GM-VGS3 FX
CPU: AMD FX-4300
Power Supply Unit: GIGABYTE ATX-G600K