RX Vega 64 low FPS in BF5

Discussion created by zenmotosan on Apr 22, 2019

I've read a couple other threads where folks offered possible reasons why you might get low FPS, i.e.<60 on an 2560 x 1080 ultra wide on only high settings with an Asus Strix RX Vega 64. I guess I was hoping to get 75ish FPS to take better advantage of my Freesync monitor.


I've done the resets, I've reinstalled drivers, I've got future frame rendering on as per a recommendation and V-sync off but it just wont go past 60 FPS.


I'm not that techie so I don't always understand suggested reasons and how to try fixing them other than resetting drivers and modifying settings. Going from Ultra settings to High made zero difference.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.