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Freesync not working as it should ?

Question asked by pepek452 on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2019 by ponut64

Hello, since i bought rx 580 i thought it will be good if i buy new freesync monitor too, so I bought AOC G2460VQ6 which was on sale. This monitor freesync range is 35-75 Hz and it also supports LFC. My expectations werent high, but what really got me that its absolutely not working. I thought freesync will reduce in game tearing and game should look more smooth. But! I tried to cap my fps to 50 in the divison 2 and the game is massively stuttering. Also, when playing battlefield V any drop below my native refresh rate (75Hz) makes the screen absolutely choppy.

I tried to install monitor drivers, i tried HDMI and Display Port, I have enabled freesync in radeon settings.

What is funny, when i turn freesync off all these problems are gone. Is there any way to fix that ?