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Will FreeSync eliminate micro-stutter at 60FPS @ 75 or more Hz?

Question asked by tjohn on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by kingfish

I noticed 60FPS @ 60Hz is smoother than 60FPS @ 75Hz, will FreeSync eliminate the micro-stutter if I play games at 75Hz and 60FPS?

Some older games run only at 60Hz 60FPS, and if I switch my desktop to 75Hz, it creates micro-stutters in these games, that is why I left desktop at 60Hz and choose 75Hz only in games where I can reach 75FPS.

Will FreeSync fix this? In-game Vsync option does not fix this, neither does Enhanced Sync.

And another question: Do all 1920x1080 144Hz monitors come with 1920x1080 60Hz option?