The absurdity of 'driver' releases.

Discussion created by jdrobinson314 on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by hardcoregames™

This is neither new or old, it's really just a matter opinion; Isn't releasing a driver for every newly released game a bit excessive, bureaucratic even? New game, new driver, what could go wrong? 


It seems like the new features the adrenaline editions brought, such as tweakable per game profiles for even the most detailed settings would have opened up the opportunity for some level of modularity where drivers aren't released every time a new game comes out. The per game driver tweaks, op code, api runaround mods, modality switches, or backwards inside out what-was-this-developer-smoking hack is something that a quick, online, live update through the driver game profiles should be able to solve. 


Otherwise, this is a very bent-over-backwards position to be in when it comes to game developers. And we can see this with Nvidia as well. New game new driver! ... then wait for the driver to 'mature'. Dysfunctional game code shouldn't be a driver level issue. APIs are pretty solid constructs when wrapped for a specific version.


Has anyone ever wondered why a game would need a driver update to work? What kind of spaghetti code abomination could it be running and why do game developers break APIs to such an extent that these driver release are necessary? This is called a circular dependency where either party stands to lose.