Vega 64 Crashing under load - update

Discussion created by visualtech48 on Apr 21, 2019

Hello everyone, I'm a proud owner of a Vega card, but since the updates are rolling over hill and I got back to heavy duty rendering I'm experiencing constant crashes. Constant.


But this only happens if I use driver, itself and prior seems to be working "fine" without crashing at least, but I do want to keep my card up to date and that it works.


It always happens under really heavy load (the GPUTach is on all points) after a few seconds the whole PC frezzes (and due to the TDR system, after 5 seconds it resets the GPU), but crashes the software/game/whatever it used the GPU for.


PC Specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 - 2600X
  • AsRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4
  • Crossair TX750M
  • 20GB of DDR4 ram (2133)
  • Vega 64 reference (duh)
  • 3 SSD
  • 1 HDD


Also the GPU is connected with 2 different rails with the PSU, and I've tried both GPU slots on my motherboard to test. 

I've tried also undervolting, putting less power in it, putting max power to 50+, etc. 

Always ends with a crash.


Thanks and cheers