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AMD should preserve/save HD3D (pro) technologies, not only for proffesionals, but also for hardcore pc gamers and BUY!!!

Question asked by cvlpost on Apr 21, 2019
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To keep HD3D alive, we should ask manufactures of 3D screens/tv/ beamers, to keep develop 3d screens for 3 types of 3D End-users:

1] Consumers with a home cinema, 80% of all home cinema beamers, still support 3D!

Or they could buy a 3D TV for homecinema, because they dont like to darken the living room!

2] Keep HD3D alive, for hardcore pc gamers (spents much more money, for high speed desktop hardware)!

3] Keep HD3D alive for profeionals and/or serious gamers.


=>3D stereoscopics technologie, CAN NOT DIE, because of the simularity with VR!!

=>3D and VR only use different lcd screens!


=>AMD should buy, because they are bankrupt, but they have used AMD's technology HD3D and a few years ago, had 2 wonderfull 3D/VR-software tools: Tridef-3D and Tridef-VR, but now i cant buy a licence for Tridef-3D and Tridef-VR, not even a trail version, so i CAN NOT start a new company, using HD3D for 3D and VR!!!!


I hope AMD will wake up!


=>Nvidia has killed there own child: 3D vision, wich is very stupid!


=>Allthough Trainsimulator 2019, gives 0.0 3D result with Nvidia 3D vision, BUT 3D works very well with HD3D and trainsimulator 2019!!