Radeon RX580 causing input delay in games?

Discussion created by ajjmnz on Apr 20, 2019

So for about a month now I have been getting some sort of input delay while playing fortnite with a controller on pc. It basically feels like the game is in slow motion and it completely throws me off and i cant play it like that.


I have done a clean install of windows, turned off any app that has been said to cause performance issues. I have messed with every setting that also supposedly can cause delay and none of it has worked.


The only thing that ever works is when I delete my GPU drivers and re install them. But that only works for a few hours before it comes back and I have to just do it again. And because of that I believe it has something to do with my gpu but im not sure. I have tried multiple different versions of the drivers and its the same with all, works for a short time then returns. 


Does anyone know what can be causing this or what I can do to fix it? A month ago it was perfectly fine and it never happened, now i have that delay feeling just about at all times and it makes me not be able to play the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Also my connection is fine and i dont drop fps.