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problem with the graphic driver, i try everythig and i cant solve it

Question asked by tomas1321 on Apr 21, 2019

Hi. I just bought a new pc, for this I have a motherboard asus PRIME A320M-K and a processor ryzen 5 2400G with raedeon RX vega 11 graphics, ram tforce vulcan 8gb 2666, kingston ssd 120 gb for windows, win 10 64 bits. The integrated graphics card of the processor is assigned 2gb. the pc works well but at the time of playing a game I can not do it, the game closes automatically and a sign says that the pc does not have the requirements for that or that there is a problem with the graphics driver, not only has it past with games but also with 3d design programs like blender. try everything, uninstall and install the drivers from the device manager, update the drivers with adrenalin, try older versions of the drivers, also with tools like amdcleanuputility but there is no case, the error is still there. im from Argentina. THANKS