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Unable to install graphics driver after changing storage device from hdd to ssd, and installing new windows 10

Question asked by hetoimasia on Apr 20, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by hetoimasia

After changing my storage device from hdd to sdd, i installed new windows 10 and it automatically installed all drivers needed afterwards. However, graphics card driver could not be installed and gave error code 43. When i check the hardware information on device manager, under the display adapters section, it shows two graphics cards(one is amd r5 graphics, and the other one is amd 8500m hd). I know that my laptop has amd r5 m420 graphics card and it detects the wrong one. I literally tried every solutions that i found on the internet but could not solve my problem. Now, i even cannot change screen brightness. Are there any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.