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my default fan curve in my rx590 is terrible and makes my gpu overheat, so i made my own. the problem is that every time i either turn off, restart or go to sleep mode with my pc my fan curve doesnt save and goes back to the default one, meaning that ever

Question asked by yonog1 on Apr 21, 2019

so I check my GPU temps in games and I see they are extremely high, so I go the Radeon settings software to change the fan curve to my liking, should be done at this point, right? well no, because the fan curve resets every time I close my pc and goes back to default, but if I change my fan curve and don't close my pc it stays active(which is good) but it doesn't stay that way at all times(which it should). I seriously need someone to find a solution to this issue because its very tedious and I was thinking about an upgrade recently