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LoadLibrary error 126 when using RDP with Windows 1903 update

Question asked by pkeuter on Apr 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by pkeuter

Since installing the Windows 1903 update (from MSDN), I'm getting this error on my machine when opening Radeon Settings when logged in from RDP:


Also when I use VcXsrv, the same message pops up. When I completely uninstall the AMD driver, the issue goes away. Obviously for Radeon Settings, because they are not installed anymore. But VcXsrv starts working fine from that point on. After reinstalling, both issues reappear.


This worked fine with the same driver version on the 1809 update. Again: this error message only appears when using RDP. It works fine when logging in on the machine directly.



  • Windows: 1903 (18362.53)
  • Radeon: 19.4.2
  • GPU: RX480


Update: I have now reverted the driver to the latest version installed with Windows Update (17.1.1) and this seems to resolve my problem, although I would really like to use the 19 series driver again.