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Vega Frontier Edition no Gaming Driver support

Question asked by cleffy on Apr 20, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2019 by sporv

The Vega Frontier Edition is touted as being able to use both Professional and Gaming Drivers much like the Radeon VII. However the complete lack of Gaming Driver support makes this an entry level professional card. No new Gaming Driver since 18.9.3 and the option to switch drivers was dropped in 19.Q1.

So why exactly would anyone buy a VII when AMD does not support the features it's supposedly offering in the VII? When will AMD start to support this feature on the Vega Frontier Edition again if at all?


The Gaming drivers also serve another purpose. The cooling on the air-cooled card is insufficient for the default settings. Being able to manipulate the clock and power draw of the card through more robust watt man settings allows the system to become stable. These settings are completely missing from the Pro Drivers.