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gaps in textures GTA 5 and (other games?)

Question asked by bibdid on Apr 18, 2019


I’ve started to notice a really odd bug on my gta5, where the boundaries of textures aren’t properly blended together, as in the 'filler' colour just isnt present and i can see through the map. I'm fairly sure this is recent, as i havent noticed it over the past few months when playing in areas where now it really sticks out.


I have upgraded from 19.1.1 to 19.4.1 and it is still present. I'm pretty sure i didnt have the issue on 18.12.1 though.
My specs are: I7 4770k 4.4ghz,

Sapphire rx 580 nitro+

Sapphire rx 480 nitro+

16gb ddr3 kingston hyper x 1600mhz

512gb m.2 nvme ssd

asus z97 a


I have overclocked both the gpus, though disabling that doesnt make a difference. I have also ran the game without crossfire enabled and it still occurs so thats ruled out. No graphical setting in game or CCC makes a difference. I am wondering if maybe my game files have somehow become partially corrupt, so i will reinstall Gta 5. Below is an example of the texture seams. I have also made a video here -


Oddly enough, i had another texture seam issue with rising storm 2 vietnam also. I don't know if its related but i will post the video anyway - Rising Storm 2 Vietnam seam glitch - YouTube . I made an offical bug report to tripwire interactive and they confirmed it was an AMD only issue, though now im wondering if it may be related.


anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!