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Why I can't use buffers with 4GB?

Question asked by nightz85 on Apr 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by dipak

Hi, I'm using OpenCL on Windows 10 and a Radeon RX580 card (8GB VRAM). I tried to allocate two buffers with 4GB to use in a kernel, but at this size, all I get is 0.0. I double checked address bits and it is 64 and there is nothing else running on the card (well, the OS is still running). I also tried to leave a percentage of each buffer free (like 5%) to see if it improved but nothing changed. Can anyone give me a hint please? Thanks


EDIT: Ok, situation is even worse than I though. I allocated three buffers, with 2720145896 bytes each. I then did buffer C = A value + B value (all of them are int*). Buffer B value is always 0 in the kernel, even If I copy manually other values. It looks like a serious driver bug (same kernel works on Intel and Nvidia cards). Btw, using 19.4.1 driver.