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Adrenalin HDMI driver causing shutdown/restart delay and sometimes instability on Ryzen mobile with RX Vega 8 / 10

Question asked by akarypid on Apr 20, 2019
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I have joind to open a bug report regarding Adrenalin and RX Vega 8/10 on Ryzen mobile APUs (2700U and 2500U) and Windows 10. Initially I collected information on Reddit on this this post in /r/AMDHelp

The gist of the issue is this:

  • When we install Adrenalin 19.4.2 (also happens with 19.3.x versions) our laptops exhibit a very long delay (minutes) during the shutdown process. So if we choose to restart the laptop, it can take up to 3-5 minutes for this to complete. This was also reported

Basically there are 3 people that have confirmed the issue and two of us are using an Acer Swift SF315-41 laptop. I have a 2700U model and the other person has a 2500U model. Another user reported this same issue on a Lenovo Ideapad 530s (see here) so this is not restricted to Acer laptops.

Furthermore, in my case (the other users did not experience this) when I install Adrenalin I also get:

  • Chrome crashes when starting (I have auto-start on boot) and I have to kill the chrome.exe processes with the task manager and run it again from the start menu to get it to run.
  • I get unrecoverable errors that show the blue screen of Windows saying that my system needs to restart due to some issue. It saves some information (crash dump?) and then restarts

None of these problems happen when we DE-SELECT the AUDIO parts with a custom installations. Two of us have confirmed this so there must be some problem with the audio driver part of Adrenalin.

Options for installing Adrenalin 19.4.2 that work well with no issues

How can we get the driver team to have a look at this issue?