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Windows won't recognize GPU after reinstall

Question asked by daagua on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by daagua

Long history short, i updated my AMD RX 560 drivers, i had some resolution problems and my second screen wasn't working, i reinstalled Windows 10 64b because i was fed up, but now my GPU is not getting dedected in any way shape or form, trust me, i tried EVERYTHING, the hardware Works on other computers, i cleaned it, its a software problem,


Things that i tried:
Updating BIOS
Updating Windows
Updating all my other drivers
Cleaning the hardware
Hardware dedecting programs 
Device manager 
Clean install of the right driver 
AMD Auto install doesn't work, it showed the 182 error and now it says its already installed?
Installing C++ Packs 
Re-re Installing Windows (i lost all my stuff)




My mother board and other stuff: 
asus m5a78l-m lxbr - motherboard
amd rx 560 - gpu
Windows 10 64b- OS
amd fx-6300 six core 3.50 ghz - Processor