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AMD 2x FirePro v7800 AMD FirePro Control Center CrossFire checked (on), 2nd card erroneous sensor data, SPECCY also show CrossFire as DISABELED (!) even is Enabled from AMD FirePro CC

Question asked by garfield1234 on Apr 17, 2019

Win 7 SP1 64bits all updated, MB MSI 790FX-GD70 latest BIOS, AMD 2x FirePro v7800 AMD FirePro Control Center CrossFire checked (on),

2nd card erroneous sensor data HWInfo 64 5.80 like ex GPU Thermal (diode) 0grdC, appears values there only when in paralel GPU-Z 2.18.0 is on and 2nd card selected in, but even then after a wile temp sensor miss to report values,fan speeds stuck on an old value not dynamically updated,

SIW 5.09 64bits also show Crossfire: NOINTERCONECT, AIDA 64 also have trouble reporting sensor on 2nd card, SPECCY also show CrossFire as DISABLED...,

SMBus seems to function incorrectly (appears to be an old driver remained from previous ATI driver package when I used an ATI Radeon HD5770 XFX single slot, even then I uninstalled driver correctly, using DDU in safe mode...).


Driver pack: firepro-win8.1-win7-nieg-15.201.2401.1009-feb14-2017-whql-certified.exe (updated from 14.301.1010-whql-firepro-windowsx32x64-retail.exe when only one FirePro V7800 was installed, also via complete uninstall, restart, DDU v18.0.1.1 safe mode clean, but with issues: as reverted to generic Windows Driver, and at firepro-win8.1-win7-nieg-15.201.2401.1009-feb14-2017-whql-certified.exe install unable to install Display Driver from pack as is not detecting 2xFirePro Cards, solution after 2 days of trials and error with many version of driver packages, cleaning with Rapid Environment Editor 9.2 the path of the driver deployed driver C:/AMD or so which was erroneous pointing to  C:/Program Files (x86)/AMD ... succeeding install of latest driver upper cited etc).

I could provide SIW 5.09 reports in *.doc also Speccy *.pdf.


Some solution ???