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vega 56 BSOD(blackscreen of death) system freeze crash

Question asked by blaqq on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by bmwcmw

Have had my PC for over a year now and the recent month it has started to crash into BSOD when i play games. Its not game limited and does this on all games, more info below. The crash is a permanent black screen and all the GPU-tach LED diods on the graphics card light up solid solid glow and get stuck there and i cant even turn on or off capslock-numlock etc forcing me to hard reset. The BSOD appears all from 1 second into game actual gameplay, or 2-5 min.. I can never play without BSOD for more than 5 minutes.


What i have been able to do is play The Division 2 with FPS limiter set to 80, without crashes.

Mass effect 3 FPS limit set to 60 fps without crashes
And Final fantasy XIV online FPS limit set to 50fps without crashes

My Display is a ASUS 165hz freesync monitor connected with 2m display port 1.2 cable

My PSU is a Corsair rm1000x
CPU ryzen 1600
Kingston 2666mhz memory
Gygabyte AX370 gaming k3 motherboard
GPU msi reference vega 56
SAmsung EVO 970 NVMe Harddrive


Both my CPU and GPU are water cooled with 240 rad and 360 rad with dual pumps.


Furmark or 3dmarks show no errors , it all passes
GPU and CPU temps never go above 50c respectively (70c hotspot for GPU)


windows Reliability report show no errors, except unexpected shutdown error due to manual hard reset after crashing into BSOD.


I have tried with freesync on/off. I have tried with enhanced sync on/off. Change color depth. Different windows PnP monitor refresh rates. Safe mode DDU driver removal and installing Different AMD radaeon drivers, tried all drivers from 18.5.1 to 19.4.2. I have tried windows 7, but i use Windows 10. I have tried rolling back Windows 10 updates. I have tried different bios settings. I have tried changing GPU clocks,and voltages. Same for CPU and RAM.. I have tried increasing pagefile. Nothing works.. I have also tried changing my GPU bios to different vega 56 bioses, and also vega 64 bioses.


All that has worked so faar is decreasing FPS target limit untill a set point where BSOD's dont appear anymore.


dxdiag190417 - 


My MS info

msinfo3.txt - 

I can safely assume that this issue is isolated to the FPS. Having no limit crashes, having a high limit crashes, lowering the limit depending on game stops the BSOD crashing..

I do NOT think that this is a power delivery issue as i can run Furmark and 3dmark without BSOD crashes and have a total system powerdraw over 500 watt (300watt gpu) with powerlimit on GPU set to 150%+ and GPU voltage at 1.2volt and 1750mhz and HBM voltage at 1.1volt and 1150mhz; and the tempratures stablize at around 55c and 80c hotspot after 1hour furmark at these clocks.

There seems only to be an issue related to the Frames per second. How do i fix this?