VEGA 56 / 2600x Combo behaving badly

Discussion created by vegaman on Apr 16, 2019
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I have built an all AMD PC about two months ago, just as an f - you to Intel and Nvidia and I am a bit tired and need help!

My Rig:

Ryzen 2600x w/ CoolerMaster masterliquid lite 240 aio (no OC)

MSI Air Boost 8gb OC Vega 56 (running at 1622mhz clock; 800mhz memory)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz 16gb ddr4 ram

EVGA 700w bronze power supply

Motherboard: MSI b450m pro m2 

Crucial 1TB m.2 SATA SSD


The first problem with the build was that the frame timing on some games like Apex legends or Hitman 2, CS:GO even was painfully bad, Riva tuner statistics server frame cap did not even help or v-sync for that matter, but with the newest drivers installed and some playing around with the settings I got it under control where I could say everything was pretty stable. Is anyone else experiencing bad frame timing with a vega 56, and what could have caused it?


Secondly, After about a month of solid gaming, CAD work, and photoshop, the card started overheating for no apparent reason and showed signs of bad thermal paste application or a faulty card in general as it would decide to go into "overheated mode" with fans up to 100% and computer fully off when it was at 74 degrees stable. This was simply fixed by plugging and unplugging it from the PCI-e slot and fiddling around with the power connectors. This has not happened to me yet, if it does I am RMAing the card.


The third major thing (mainly the reason I am writing this post) is that after 2-3 months of solving issue after issue, the card just started shutting off randomly, giving me black screens out of nowhere. My motherboard was giving me that it was a CPU issue, but other signs clearly showed that the GPU is shi-ting itself. As a result, I went to the forums and saw that hooking up the card to two PCI-e power connector cables instead of working with one which branches off should fix the issue, but I have run benchmarks after benchmarks and I see that there is no difference in the power delivery or anything really from the two methods. Strange...


And not to mention 6 blue screens of threads being stuck in a loop or something like that happening to me while gaming. With all of the newest Ryzen drivers, Radeon drivers and a fresh install of windows with the newest updated. I really don't want to go to Nvidia and Intel for my next build so please share your experience of working with this kind of setup.


Should I RMA the card? Maybe the problem is in the power supply? What should I do next to improve stability?


It is just a mess really, and I appreciate anyone and everyone sharing their experience and giving advice.