Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

Discussion created by raiderprise on Apr 15, 2019
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Prior to the Radeon VII, I previously owned an RX 580 and a VEGA 56, both worked fine on VR via Windows Mixed Reality. I usually play Beat Saber & VRChat most of the time and they both performed great if not perfect, but it all change when i upgrade to the Radeon VII. The Radeon VII ran pretty fine on Desktop games and its a step up form the previous 2 cards i owned aside from the frequent temperature alerts from NZXT CAM regarding the junction temps hitting 90+ Celsius every time i play most games. Perhaps its due to drivers not optimized or mature enough, anyways i'll get to the point.


As soon as i swapped my old VEGA 56 card from my computer in replacement of the Radeon VII thus downloaded the latest Radeon driver (version 19.4.1), i decided like always i'd hop on Windows Mixed Reality expecting great results. Soon after I've ran into some problems. The first game i tried was Beat Saber, staying on the menu and moving around was fine until i started playing songs there's no specific songs that causes this issue but its all the same. 10-30 seconds into the song my game would freeze/hang but the music continues to play in the background, soon follow up with a black screen on both my VR headset and monitor. After that SteamVR closes itself and Windows redirects me to Windows Mixed Reality Portal with an error 14-1 (for reference I've attached some screenshots of my Desktop). In some rare cases after the black screen happened my monitor would go to sleep mode follow up with a couple beeps when i spam my mouse clicks and sometimes the PC restarts itself completely while the monitor screen is still black.


I've tried Blade & Sorcery and it too has the same issue, but the causes are different. Somehow the game ran fine for a couple minutes, but when the arena in the game became crowded with enemy fighters the game froze/hanged. Not all games has the same issue, VRChat works fine only in some instances where fps dips but should be just optimization problem. Perhaps its just SteamVR is not well optimized for Radeon VII i don't really know, I've also re-check Windows 

Mixed Reality compatibility via an app called "Windows Mixed Reality PC Check" and found out that it listed the Radeon VII graphics card won't work with Windows Mixed Reality. I'm guessing maybe Microsoft didn't implement/update the Radeon VII for their Windows Mixed Reality compatibility listings? Or this will just have to wait as drivers are still new at the moment?


I kindly appreciate any help