Manual fan curves not working with Adrenalin drivers

Discussion created by witekrolka on Apr 12, 2019



I'm running a water cooled Vega 64 and am experiencing issues with all the latest versions of Adrenalin drivers where my manually set fan curves are not being obeyed.


The only driver that seems to work properly is 19.1.1 or earlier. I set the fan curve in that version and it works fine. All the drivers after 19.1.1 and including the latest (19.4.1), seem to ignore my manual fan curve and do their own thing. Auto settings are useless too.


The fans are controlled by the video card so its not an issue of the motherboard getting in the way. Under load, the GPU and HBM temps don't go over 60C and the HotSpot temp doesn't reach 90C. With the 19.1.1 drivers I can set a 40% fan curve up to 65C and the fans work as they should. The same fan curve on any driver after 19.1.1 sees the fans go up and down beyond the set %, sometimes reaching 100% for no reason because the CPU and HBM temps have not reached the temperatures to justify the speeds. 


Ever since 19.2.x, something has been not right with the drivers and it seems to coincide with the Vega 7 launch, I don't know if the same drivers are used for the 64 and 7. I performed upgrade installs and complete clean installs of the drivers and it makes no difference.


Attached is my WattMan configuration that includes the fan profile that works with 19.1.1 but doesn't with any driver after it. 


AMD, pleas sort this out.