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Ryzen 5 1600 overheating

Question asked by hippowokd on Apr 14, 2019
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2 days ago bought new Mb, ryzen cpu and 8gb ddr4 ram.

Yesterday tested pc in games, noticed unstable, but not so high temperature (up to 70C°). Today started Adobe Premiere Pro video rendering, temperature went crazy, in few secs CPU temp raised from 45 to 90 degrees , then it spiked to 105, and in 1 sec jumped to 95 and left in 90-95 degrees. Turned off some cores in task manager for APP to reduce temperature and cpu load. Also heard strange sounds like crackles from cooler(?) at this temperature, after turning off cores strange sounds gone and i ended my rendering. Tested t° again, (Hwpro and MSI Command Center) and it jumped from 90C° to 45C° again. Turned off pc, entered in bios, 50C° CPU. In system even in idle mode t° can jump from 40 to 50, in bios t° keeps stable.

Mb: msi b450 gaming plus

Cpu: ryzen 5 1600, stock clocks, stock fan

Ram: vengeance, 3000mhz, clocked to 2933 16-17-17-17-35 2T.

Pc case is hot, air coming from case is cool. Can be problem in clocked ram or hot case?

(My english can be bad sometimes)