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2700X high temperatures with several coolers.

Question asked by guftabi96 on Apr 13, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by misterj

Last summer i bought a Ryzen 2700X and a MSI X470 Gaming Pro motherboard. Back than i noticed that my temperatures are high (80+) with my ID-Cooling SE214x cooler so i bought a Scythe Mugen 5 rev B. Temperatures were still high with this much better cooler. With pbo it still went up to ~85 celsius. When i checked the heatsink it wasn't hot at all, just a little warm on the bottom half. Because of that i thought that maybe i have software problem and i waited. (tried manual voltage, at 1,36v with 4ghz there was thermal shutdown).

After more than half a year and after several software, chipset and bios updates my temperatures were still high so i changed my cooler because i thought that maybe the Mugens base not connected well with the ihs. (it wasn't perfectly flat, but as i read it's normal that some coolers base is not totally flat).

My new cooler is an Alpenföhn Brocken 3 but the problem is still here. Without pbo, on stock settings it reaches 70 celsius while the fan is spinning at it's maximum rpm. (and the vcore is only 1,23v, so pretty low).

If I enable the pbo, it reaches 85 celsius. (vcore is 1,33v). And the heatsink is the same as the Mugen 5: the bottom half of it is a bit warm, and the upper half is like when the computer doesn't run. My vga-s heatsink is definitely much warmer even in idle (the gpu is 45 celsius).


If i manually set the vcore to 1,31v and the cpu's clock to 4ghz, it reaches 84,5 celsius. If i try something like 1,36 or more volts, my computer shuts down after it is nearly reaches 100 celsius. Both the Mugen 5 and the Brocken 3 is a much better cooler, that should handle these volts.

I also tried to use the stock cooler which comes with the cpu, the results are the same. With pbo, it reaches 85 celsius.


I don't know what should i do. I think that maybe the soldering on the processor is not perfect.

Of course i mounted all of the coolers properly (you can't even mount wrong these coolers). I used good and perfect amount of thermal paste. Not too much and not too little.


Of course i tried different programs to monitor my temps: Ryzen Master, Aida, HWinfo64. All of them shows me the same.


Airflow in the case is good (i had also an overclocked AMD FX system with an overclocked R9 280, and never had thermal problems).


Thanks for the help in advance.