Asus Rx580 dual monitor (monitor -tv )problem

Discussion created by totenmond on Apr 11, 2019

Hello All.
First of all here are my specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
16GB GSKILL 3200
Asus  RX580 Oc dual 8GB
I have and AOC 27inch monitor and now a LG 55 Inch TV. I have problems running the TV as extended monitor or even dubbing it .  I cant get the signal true it. They are both conected via seperated HDMI cables in seperated hdmi ports. First i managed atlest to change the setings to clone it . They booted at same time ,widows 10 circle was running, then my Aoc  runed fine and tv signal showed that its not there.  At some point the radeon reseted itself with some watman setting failure.
Now when my tv is conected to gpu  my monitor goes to sleep and the tv dosnt get signal.   When i take out the hdmi of tv ,my monitor goes back to life like nothing happened. I reinstaled all of radeon drivers and did a fresh windows instal but still having this isue. Used DDU. And nothing.....  IM out of options
PS... Cant use windows settings ,and cant select dual screens or extended, it dosnt detect the tv but its .