PC not seeing new RAM! BIOS issue?

Discussion created by ripclaw88 on Apr 12, 2019
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I have had a problem with RAM, originally 8gb (out of 16gb) was 'reserved'. After trouble shooting I concluded this may be because I had 'dodgy' RAM as it was not listed on my MOBO's Qualified Vendor List.


So- I bought some new RAM (which is qualified) 2x8GB Corsair 2666MHz (CMK16GX4M2A2666C16R).


However after install, my PC is still showing my old RAM speed (2133MHz) in task manager plus the same amount reserved. So I don't think it has noticed my new RAM.


Things I have tried: Reboot. Going into BIOS and seeing if it has registered new RAM. Double checked compatibility with MOBO and CPU. Completed a Memory Diagnostic Test.


I have noticed I do not have my latest BIOS, could this be the culprit? 


I am aware this is not an AMD specific issue, just trying to get any advice and help I can!


Windows 10 64-bit
Gigabyte AX370M-GAMING3 MOBO
Ryzen 2600x CPU
GTX 1050ti GPU
Current BIOS: F23