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ReLive Replay is not working

Question asked by jagodys on Apr 11, 2019

Sometimes I am unable to use the Replay function of ReLive. Everything is turned on, setted up. When I click the hotkey to record replay of my gameplay, it says the Replay funtion is turned off.

It doesn't matter what version of Radeon sofware I am using or if recording of a desktop is on or off,, it did this all the time occasionally in all versions I had. Reinstalling Radeon software nor Windows helped to solve this issue.


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't without changing ANY settings in Radeon Settings.


The whole software is unstable, sometimes resets itself, or says it had to reset Wattman even I didn't change anything in it or the overlay isn't showing what I ticked to show or it's blinking.


It drives me nuts, RMA found no problem on my GPU. Very dissapointed that I went for AMD :-(



GPU: MSI Radeon RX480 8gb

CPU: Ryzen 7 1800X

RAM: 16gb

OS: Win10 home

Radeon software version: 19.2.3