Monitor blinking when connected via DP

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hello, btw im new in this discussion community. i dont know im in the  right discussin section or not.


sorry and sorry so much for my bad english and grammar. i try my best to explain it in english.


soo this is my problem, why if i use DP port my display on the monitor always blinking over and over again, is like 5-10seconds blinking and back to normal and blinking again, i search other solution on the internet i try everything and it didnt help. 

oh yea i try to remove the driver completely clean (USING DDU&AMD TOOL), and the next boot with fresh condition (NO DRIVER VGA INSTALLED) my display showed up and no blinking, but when i try to install the AMD driver with radeon settings my display start to blinking again and its rlly annoying. so if i must to use it normally with no blinking, i must use HDMI cable but the problem is HDMI doesnt support Freesync and 144Hz.


note *i already change the DP cable,try my older VGA (it showed my screen and not blinking at all).


so whats the problem? i think the problem is the driver software, cz like what i said when i try uninstall completely the driver my display showed up and there is no problem at all with the DP port on the VGA. if i want to return or RMA this vga my warranty is expired already, and basically this problem occurs not because of hardware but software in my opinion



my system is :

intel core i3 6100, RAM 8GB, VGA RX460 2GB, win10


i have this kinda problem like for 2 monts and it still never fixed, i try any solution like uninstall the drivers and try other versions,change it with new DP cable EVERTHING NOT WORK.


thanks for your time to read long question, and once again sorry for my bad english hope u understand the point is.