Black screen

Discussion created by mk_9090 on Apr 11, 2019

Hello All!


Put simply as of yesterday afternoon i have had issues with my RX Vega 64 not outputting anything. I was at the time using a Display port cable to output to the monitor. This had worked for 5 months when i updated my entire PC. Through testing i found that the HDMI ports worked, but only for about 10 minutes, then i just get black screen with the rest of the pc working fine. 

My Windows updated to KB4493464 yesterday, and my graphic drivers where 19.3.1 and once i got it working i updated to 19.4.1 and still had the issue. I did a reinstall of my entire pc formatting all the drivers in the process, and before i reinstalled the drivers i had no issues. Once i had reinstalled the drivers (19.4.1) the issue started again.

So now i have deleted the drivers and i am having no issues but no drivers installed.


Any suggestions on what could be the cause of this? and anyway to fix it?


GPU: Strix RX Vega 64

CPU Ryzen 7 2700

PSU Corsair 850x